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Curious to find out what everyone's favorite type of foam is! What kind do you enjoy working with the most and why?
Good luck with all your Foamy experiments and projects in 2011! Hope to see them here! :party:
Hey fellow wonderfoamers! (Yeah, I'm inventing words now.)

It's been a few weeks now since the group has been started and things have been a little slow. We've figured out how to manage most of it now and things are coming together. We have a few projects planned ahead for foamy tips and tricks amongst other things.

We're also actively looking for affiliates and new members with foamy skills so if you have any suggestions, throw them our way and we'll follow the lead.

Thank you all for your support and we hope this group grows up to become resourceful and useful for many people.
Welcome to Wonderfoam!
This club is dedicated to foam of all varieties. Our goal is to expand our knowledge about the different uses of foam in crafts and cosplay and help others do the same.

Please enjoy yourself and follow the rules below.

1. Be kind to others
2. Don't submit a million pictures of the same project (max 2)
3. Constructive criticism is highly encouraged, but no flaming - We want to help not discourage

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